ATI Super Damper Harmonic Crank Pulley for R32 RB26DETT. This truely balanced crank pulley was made to eliminate torsional crankshaft vibrations caused by abnormal wear. It is a direct replacement for the OEM crank pulley. Made to exceed SFI 18.1 Specs with laser engraved timing marks. The ATI Super Damper is also coated with black zinc chromate to prevent rust and reduce wear.


5.5" OD
3 Ring
3.60 lbs Total Weight
2.27 lbs Inertia Weight
16% UD for power steering. AC, water pump and alternator are all 6%UD
Up to 750HP



7.053" OD
2 Ring
5.25 lbs lbs Total Weight
3.5 lbs Inertia Weight
Up to 1000HP

Damper includes new billet aluminum water pump pulley for clearance. AC is a 25% OD. Do not use a belt if racing! 3% UD power steering, 10% UD for alternator.

ATI Damper - RB26DETT - R32 Street


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