By setting a body with the same size as the "Racing MONO6" MONOBLOC Calipers for the front onto the rear, we ensured the same level of rigidity as "Racing MONO6". Enabling demonstration of high brake force from the rear as well, it also enables installation of large hole diameter rotors up to Φ355~Φ390.

●Caliper Product No:EC6404RN
●Piston Size:22x2mm, 22x2mm, 25x2mm
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm)=355<390 / Thickness (mm) =32<36
●Std Color of kit:Racing Anodise
●Pad Item number:RCP122
●Pad Thickness:25mm
●Std Compound for kit:TR/MX72/MX72PLUS
●Seal Kit:ECRKRM6R
*Forged Monobloc

(Road Car) Endless Rear Brake Monobloc Calipers - RACING MONO6r


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