Camshaft Kit developed by taking advantage of knowledge and experience acquired through D1 drift and time attack at Tsukuba Circuit.
Both NA and turbo-charged engine users can use this camshaft set.
Overwhelming power increase can be felt in the high rpm range.
Using the capacity upgrade kit together is recommended to achieve optimum performance and keep proper valve clearance.



  • High acceleration and pick-up camshafts were completed by meticulous analysis of the stock rocker structure.
  • Cam lobe for the direct injection pump is available so the camshaft can be used the same way as the stock.
  • The valve timing is the knock pin is matched to stock cam, so, there is no need for complicated installation.
  • Since the stock valve piston clearance is narrow, this camshaft kit was developed to be used with the capacity upgrade kit, and the piston recess was redesigned to enable a 0.7mm lift increase without replacing the springs.



  • Intake Camshaft Set
    (1 for each right bank & left bank)
  • Exhaust Camshaft Set
    (1 for each right bank & left bank)

HKS - FRS/BRZ V Camshaft Intake & Exhaust

SKU: 22002-AT005
    • To keep adequate valve clearance, use HKS' piston together.
    • Settings of fuel, ignition, valve timing are required.
    • Check if the valve clearance is adequate.
    • Refer to the factory service manual for installation.

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