The addition of a GReddy intercooler is one of the best ways to safely increase horsepower in a turbocharged engine. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the engine; this can make more horsepower at the same boost level and even more power at higher boost levels

Greddy Intercooler Kit - Nissan Skyline GTR BNR32 (G)

SKU: 12020215
  • Car Make: Nissan
    Car Model: Skyline GT-R
    Chassis Code: BNR32

    Make: Nissan
    Model: Skyline GT-R (R32)
    Year: 1989-94

    Chassis: BNR32
    Engine: RB26DETT 
    Type:  Upgraded Large Type 29 (L710mm X H302mm X W100mm) intercooler core with cast GReddy endtanks, especially designed for the RB26DETT of the BNR32 Skyline GT-R.  80mm inlet and 100mm outlet.  - for vehicles equipped with GReddy intake manifold plenum.

    Product features

    Larger front mount intercooler for better performance and cooling.  Please use GReddy intercooler piping set.

    Part #: 12020215

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