The addition of a GReddy intercooler is one of the best ways to safely increase horsepower in a turbocharged engine. By reducing the engine's inlet temperatures, a denser air charge will enter the engine; this can make more horsepower at the same boost level and even more power at higher boost levels

Greddy Intercooler Kit - Type 24E LS - S13 SR20DET

SKU: 12020479
    Car Make: Nissan
    Car Model: Silvia / 180SX
    Chassis Code: PS13 / RPS13

    Engine:  SR20DET

    Years: 91.01-98.12


    GReddy Intercooler Kit
    Type23F Core Dim: L600 / H284 / W66 mm


    for stock turbos or GReddy turbo kits
    battery relocation or smaller size (34B19L) required
    minor cutting and drilling required

    * compatiable with O/C kit
    * GReddy pipe set compatiable
    * bumper reinforcement modification required
    * bumper cover modification required

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