HKS’ Traditional EVC Series
Advanced Boost Controller

LCD full color monitor is upgraded for better visibility. Directly pushing 4 buttons on the unit enables simple settings. Correction map function is added for more precise boost setting.

HKS EV6-IR 2.4

    • EVC6-IR's TFT full color monitor size is enlarged to 2.4 inch from 2.2 inch for better visibility . (The case remains in the same size.)
    • HKS boost setting tool "EasyWriter" can be easily connected.
    • Basic performance as a boost controller is the same as EVC6-IR.
      Correction map grid point : 10 x 10.
      Pressure correction range : ー180 - 180.
      More precise correction is possible for modern smaller sized turbo.
    • Monitor Navigation System easily leads the user to the correct setting and logging screens.
    • The proven Stepping Motor is utilized as a valve unit.

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