The flagship model with HKS exhaust technology.

Full independent layout of both right and left banks of V type engines. Full dual layout without 2-1 junction portion like stock exhaust system. Without performance drop due to the exhaust interference, it enables stress free revolution up to high rpm range.


  • Full Dual layout.
    Full independent layout of both right and left banks of V type engines. The full dual layout prevents performance drop due to the exhaust interference. It enhances performance at high rpm.
  • Balance pipe.
    Balance pipe controls exhaust gas pulsation for exhaust sound stability and increasing torque at low rpm.
  • The weight is reduced approximately by 13%.
    The weight of Full Dual Muffler is approximately 26kg which is 13% reduction compared with 30kg stock exhaust system.
  • SUS304 and titanium
    The material of pipe and silencer is SUS304 with titanium tip. This combination improves durability and appearance.
  • "JASMA" approved.
  • Proven "Advantex * glass wool" (Continuous fibeer glass wool).

HKS Full Dual Muffler Q60 CV37 VR30DDTT 15+

  • Vehicle Q60
    Model CV37
    Engine VR30DDTT
    Model Year 15/11 - 
    Shape of muffler HP(Titan) (FULL DUAL)
    Main material SUS304
    Diameter of tip 119 x L=140 Titanium Tips
    Diameter of center pipe 60(45) →Approx. 67.5(*1)
    Close noise level Stock 78
    HKS Close:84 Open:88
    About road clearance(*2) Clearance  
    Portion of the kit Mid Pipe
    Remarks Same as the stock
    Product Weight

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