HKS has developed new surge tank full kit for R35 GT-R that make your engine room cooler.
By the flow test of each cylinder, HKS has designed it to hold down the variability which produces more stable power output.
The HKS surge tank will provide cooler physical appearance, too.
And HKS surge tank pro kit also includes fuel delivery pipe for additional injector setting which is necessity of fuel system for a high-power tuning


■Main Fetures

■ HKS original material and design

  • Built separately by one by one molding.
  • Built for GT1000 model: bigger port diameter, optimized port and cylinder design.
  • Built for extream power tuning that doesn't detract stock efficiency.
  • The tank dimension is optimized for quick and smooth response. HKS surge tank is not designed to maximize the power only but we designed it for the total balance of perforamnce.
  • We made the port of the tank side funnel shape for high air flow.



■ Easy to install

  • The layout is for the stock to be used as they are like holes for air temperature sensor, nipples, blow-by pipe and balancing pipe to connect to the left to right which will make it easy to install.
  • Do not need to make pipes or complicated work.


■ Twin injectors for better performance

  • With the Twin Injector Pro Kit of full kit set, you can install fuel system when in high power tuning.
  • You can put the desired size of injector for your need at secondary side.
  • They are attachment type.
  • Standard attachment is for stock injector.

 * The injector hole of surge tank is closed at the shipping point, so you can use it with single injector when you are not using the twin injector pro kit.




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