Single tube Design

A mono-tube suspension structure was utilized for high durability, and comfort even in the harshest driving conditions.

Inverted Strut Type

Strut type dampers use inverted design for added structural rigidity. High rigidity is maintained by supporting the large bending force with a thick pipe; it is retained even when wearing large tires that increase unsprung weight.

PNE Coating

PNE Coating's corrosion resistance is 5 times as much as the galvanization's. This coating can protect against rust, and its smooth surface requires less force to adjust the ride height than conventional dampers.

High Grade Damper Oil

Sports damper oil used for MAX IV series is chosen as a damper oil; it maintains stable damping force and restrains heat sagging caused during high-load driving and/or summer.

PVS(Pre-load Valve System) & M4P(MAX Ⅳ Piston)

PVS (Pre-load Valve System) allows dampening force generation at low speed whilst maintaining suitable force at high speed. An even larger effect is achieved when combined with M4P. As used in MAX Ⅳ series, M4P is able to balance dampening force generation at low piston speeds whilst maintain control at high speed.

New Design Bump Rubber

From compacts to mini vans, all new range of bump rubbers have been created to suit various vehicles and driving conditions to help reduce harshness from bottoming out.

Strengthened Rubber Upper Mount

Strengthened rubber upper mount for comfort during street driving.

Silent Tube & Spring Insulator

"Silent Tube" & "Spring Insulator" are equipped on springs to suppress unwanted noise.

Aluminum Lock Nut & Ride Height Adjuster

The anti-rust and corrosion characteristics for enhanced durability are featured. Using these can trim weight below the spring.



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