Please note that Not fit to stock fog lamp. Change the battery size (34B19L). A vehicle w/ rear wiper requires a stock washer tank. Fit to Haicas (late model).


1993 - 1998


1999 - 2002
S TYPE is designed for street use; ideal for stock vehicles, lightly tuned vehicles, and for vehicles with stock replacement type turbines. The engine response under street driving and performance at a mid to high speed range are well-balanced.

(1) Inner fin
1. Short type
- We have adopted short type that the pitch is optimized for fin shape, for small and light to improve the cooling efficiency.

2. Triangular straight type
- We adopted triangular straight type for less pressure loss of air flow.

(2) Outer Fin(triangular louver type)
- Cooling efficiency improved with louver because of the shorter length and angle of the fin.
- Wide surface of louver make it more efficient in cooling.

All HKS Intercoolers improve both the efficiency and power of any turbocharged application by rapidly reducing inherent heat levels of the compressed intake air charge before entering the engine. By utilizing a special tube and fin design, the intercooler acts as a large heat exchanger that dissipates the heat generated by the compression of the intake charge without creating reductions in boost pressure or response.



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