In addition to the increased displacement by the effect of 2.8L, STEP ZERO is the best solution for engines that require better response.
The target of maximum revolution is the best for stock or GT-SS turbine with greatly improved response.
The affordable price allows usage just for engine overhauling.


  • "STEP ZERO" is recommended for stock or GTIII-SS turbine as more power cannot be output at more than 8,000rpm, and STEP ZERO has the best response.
  • Since the power output range of GTIII-RS is shifted to higher rpm than GTIII-SS, in order to have wider power output range, "STEP1" that has maximum rpm of 8500rpm is recommended. If budget allows, "STEP2" is recommended for better response.
  • For a turbine which power band shifts to a high speed range like GTIII-4R, to secure a wide power band range, "STEP2" is recommended since the engine can run up to 9000rpm with STEP 2.


  Target RPM Target Turbine
STEP ZERO 8000rpm Stcok/GTIII-SS
STEP1 8500rpm GTIII-RS

HKS RB26 2.8L Stroker Kit Step 0


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