• Piston: Used the forged material from high specification
  • Connecting Rod: Used the forged material from high specification with H beam design for maximum strength and durability. WPC shot peening also contributes to strength as well as preventing metal fatigue.
    * Stock rods can also be used
  • Crankshaft: Forged form high specification material and fully counterweighted for maximum balance at high rpm.
  • Best used with GTIII-RS (Target rpm is 8500rpm).


  • "STEP ZERO" is recommended for stock or GTIII-SS turbine as more power cannot be output at more than 8,000rpm, and STEP ZERO has the best response.
  • Since the power output range of GTIII-RS is shifted to higher rpm than GTIII-SS, in order to have wider power output range, "STEP1" that has maximum rpm of 8500rpm is recommended. If budget allows, "STEP2" is recommended for better response.
  • For a turbine which power band shifts to a high speed range like GTIII-4R, to secure a wide power band range, "STEP2" is recommended since the engine can run up to 9000rpm with STEP 2.


  Target RPM Target Turbine
STEP ZERO 8000rpm Stcok/GTIII-SS
STEP1 8500rpm GTIII-RS

HKS RB26 2.8L Stroker Kit Step 1


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