VTEC Killer Camshafts eliminate the VTEC function, and are designed for use in racing series where the use of variable lift valve train systems are not allowed.  


-The primary and secondary lobes are designed to be the same size.
-The diameter of the main shaft has been made more uniform in size along with a hollowed out inside. This gives you a cam shaft that has increased rigidity and weight savings for improved reliability and more accurate valve timing.
-Optimized surface treatment designed to prevent wear, sticking as well as helping in the early stages of running in.

-The mid rocker cam is removed & both pins are changed, reducing the valve train mass, for better response.
-Disabling the VTEC system removes fluctuations in oil pressure system, securing a reliable oil feed to all the main moving components.
*Lost motion valve should be removed.
*Should be used in conjunction with quad throttle(TODA) bodies for best effect.
VTEC Killer Hardware Kit
-This kit is required in order to install VTEC Killer Camshafts. (Included in price)

Honda K20A VTEC Killer Camshafts

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