1.5 way mechanical (clutch) type LSD

Cam angle 50-25 degree

Initial torque 6.5kg (before driving)


LSD is a acronym of Limited Slip Differential.  When there is a rotational or torque force difference between the wheels (right and left), the driving force is allocated to the wheel with less resistance under the standard differential.   An LSD, by limiting the differential function, transfers the driving force to both wheels and to the ground.  With LSD,  the control and speed of the vehicle in a cornering drastically improve. LSD is an indispensable item for sport driving and racing events.


J’s Racing LSD for DC5 is a 1.5 way which is activated fully on acceleration and partially activated on deceleration.  Even with the partial activation, you can feel the better stability on braking over the stock differential.


The structure of our LSD is cone-spring based externally pressured clutch type.  It does not rely heavily on the strength of the initial torque but rather by utilizing the natural smooth locking power, secures the performance locking which is very responsive to your throttle control.



  • Application:  DC2 Type R
  • After the installation, break in process is strongly recommended.
  • Please install it at a reputable professional shop.


Shipping may take 60-90 days



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