The header for DC5 was totally redesigned and has been released as a FX Pro series.

In order to maximize the K20A potential, each pipe length and merging shape are reexamined from the scratch for achieving further gain in torque and power.  The header generates an excellent engine response and acceleration in all rev ranges.

Each header is 100 % beautifully handmade with amazing details by professional craftsmen who have a thorough knowledge of header..  This header is a real beauty and you can feel the difference.

This is a special spec with the thermal bandage wrapping the every inch of the header.

The thermal wrap increases the exhaust temperatures and velocity, which contributes to higher horsepower and lower engine bay temperature. 



Structure  SUS304 4 – 2 (45Ǿ - 50Ǿ)

Thickness   1.2mm ~ 1.5mm

Weight  4.0kg  ( 45% reduction from the stock header )

Compatible with many tuned stages from stock, high lift camshaft, high compression, and bore / stroke up.

Further gain is possible when it is combined with J’s Racing Hyper ECU for DC5 Type R.


A long waited J’s Racing special header for DC5.

We have tested it against most of the competitors 4-2 type headers.

We are confident you can experience the difference.

[The picture 6th from the top is the test result by Dynapack.]

Intake air temperature  41 C (105.8 F)

* The test vehicle has J’s Racing Titanium exhaust FX 60RS

* Also the stock catalytic converter (2-1) is used

Red line – J’s Racing header

Green line – stock header


  • Compatible with the stock 2-1 catalytic converter
  • Compatible with aftermarket 2-1 pipe (cat killer)
  • Please use the correct tightening torque
  • Depending on the ride height, some aftermarket dampers might have a contact with the tie rod.


Shipping is about 60-90 days

J'S RACING RSX DC5 FX Pro Stainless Header 4-2 with thermal wrap


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