15 pieces of shims for Special Differential Distance Collar setting

Purchasing all 15 shims will save the time for trial and error and reording.

Included are

Part number      Size
DDC-S1-S381  3.81mm
DDC-S1-S383  3.83mm
DDC-S1-S385  3.85mm
DDC-S1-S387  3.87mm
DDC-S1-S389  3.89mm
DDC-S1-S391  3.91mm
DDC-S1-S393  3.93mm
DDC-S1-S395  3.95mm
DDC-S1-S397  3.97mm
DDC-S1-S399  3.99mm
DDC-S1-S401  4.01mm
DDC-S1-S403  4.03mm
DDC-S1-S405  4.05mm
DDC-S1-S407  4.07mm
DDC-S1-S409  4.09mm

Total 15 shims


  • One shim is to be used with our SPL distance collar only.
  • The product should be installed by an experienced mechanic at a professional shop.


Shipping may take 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 AP1/AP2 15 Shims set


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