Material  S45C with special heat treatment

The surface is black and has J's Racing laser seal.




Our differential distance collar equalizes the teeth contact between the final gear and the pinion gear.

The high powered load tends to concentrate on the small area of the ring and pinion. The makes the backlash setting and maintenance extremely important for the longevity of the final gear.   However, the stock distance collar, due to its structure and material, does not have the strength and can be prone to change the backlash and in the worst case, it could lead to a differential failure.   (Generally the differential failure is caused by this change in the contact bearings.)


By using our SPL differential distance collar, the proper backlash and teeth contact are to be maintained for a long time and you can avoid the unwanted differential breakdown. The product also extends the overhaul interval of the differential.

This is created from our extensive experience in endurance racing. We highly recommend this item when you change the final gear or LSD.



  • It requires one distance collar shim (sold separately)
  • The product is to be installed by an experience mechanic at a properly equipped garage.

Shipping may take 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 AP1/AP2 differential distance collar


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