This special part for S2000 is made of forged aluminum.


When the ride height is reduced, the angle of the drive shaft becomes like a separated letter V and the load to the drive shaft joint and bearing increases.  As the result, it is very likely the product life of the drive shaft gets shortened significantly


By adding this 10mm spacer, the angle is restored to the originally designed stock angle.

In our test,  the life of the drive shaft on ride height reduced S2000 frequently doubles..


This is a highly recommended item for any sport driving from the street to the race track. Especially, if your S2000 is equipped with semi-racing tire and/or clutch type LSD, this product is the “must”.



The product is to be used for S2000 with the ride height reduced more than 30mm.

(Please do not use this item for S2000 with the stock height)


Use the new bolt & nut at the installation

A bolt set is included in the kit.


Please use the proper tightening torque.


This product is created from our extensive experience in the Super Taikyu endurance race.   Do not be fooled with the knock off.


Please note that the 200 % increase of the drive shaft product life is not a guaranteed number.

Shipping may take 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 AP1/AP2 Drive shaft spacer


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