In collaboration with a well known brake pad manufacturer “Seido-Ya”, J’s Racing presents the all-round brake pad designed specifically for the HYPER 6IX Caliper suitable for every driving stage.


With the superb performance stability at high temperature, the controllability is improved considerably at every level.  The pad offers immediate braking response and exceptional pedal precision for total control and recovers from the fade swiftly. 

Furthermore, when the road surface is slippery, the pad’s controllability works wonders without causing the lockup.


This is the all around pad which works great for both on the track and on the street.


  • Friction coefficient : 0.50
  • Operational temperature range 0℃~800℃ (32F~1470F)
  • Driving stage : Street, Winding roads, Race track
  • Material:  Carbon Semi Metal
  • Tire :  High performance street radial tire to racing semi-slick
  • Designed for J’s Racing HYPER 6IX only. It does not fit the stock caliper or other manufacturers’ calipers


Shipping may take 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 AP1/AP2 HYPER 6IX 6POT Brake pad for Circuit


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