This is a stock type air filter which can be easily replaced by anyone and surely increase the performance of your car.


After developing the product for more than one year with the enormous data from the testing in the various driving situations, J’s Racing successfully has achieved both dust particle collection efficiency and air intake efficiency at a very high level.


The special nonwoven fabric which is developed for the “MAXFLOW air filter” has an amazing cleaning efficiency (dust holding rate) of over 90 %.  At the same time, the air resistance is less than 50 % compared with the conventional nonwoven fabric.


If you would like to

“keep the advantage of the stock filer”

“obtain the low air resistance like a sponge type filter for a better performance”

“maintain a low profile without resorting to the full chamber type intake system”


Then,  the MAXFLOW air filter is for you.


The performance gain and dust retention efficiency are outstanding for a stock replacement type filter.


Shipping is about 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 AP1 Max flow air filter


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