For AP1

The intake aids in the flow of cooler and denser fresh air from the front bumper area and increases the throttle response by making full use of the air reservoir structure.


It maximizes the potential of AP1 engine.


  • The parts for the installation and dedicated air filter are included in the kit
  • Fit the stock bumper.  Fro the customers who have J's Racing Street ver.front bumper,  choose the TCC-S1-TS



The intake is equipped with a draining hole, but a spirited driving in a very heavy wet condition should be avoided if possible.


  • The product might interfere with other manufacturers’ tower bar.  (It can be used with our tower bar without any problem)
  • Minor modification (cutting) is required on the back side of the stock hood or our Street Ver. hood.
  • Our Type V hood does not require any modification
  • A minor cut is required on the stock bumper and stock air guide.  Or the duct can be modified without making any change on the stock bumper.
  • A part of the stock radiator shroud has to be cut
  • A model without the bleed nipple is available for the secondary air / blow-by piping.
  • The stock black performance rod on the back side of the beam has to be removed   


Shipping is about 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 AP1 Tsuchinoko intake system


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