By adjusting the tie rod end shaft,  this product optimizes the suspension geometry with corrected bump steer.

★Improved straight line stability
★Enhanced tire contact to the ground
★Superior steering response

You can adjust the tie rod angle for various ride height changes in order to correct the bump steer.


The bump steer, defined in the suspension geometry, is a change in toe angle when the tires move up and down. 

Especially when you lowers the ride height of your S2000, the tie rod angle forms a shape like a separated “V” and it toe causes an unwanted peaky movement.  With the installment of this product,  the tie rod angle is correct to the horizontal level.  (The level position generates less unwanted toe movement for S2000)

J’s Racing thinks that the adjustment of the bump steer and the roll center is one of the most important suspension settings.


The pillow ball material has an excellent anti erosion characteristics and the durability is superb.   (if it should be damaged,  the repair parts are sold separately).


From the street to race track, this is a must have item for sport driving


(the set includes)

Pillow tie rod end right side ×1
Pillow tie rod end left side  ×1

Please apply the proper tightening torque.

Check the vehicel alighnment after the installment


Shipping is about 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 Pillow tie rod end set


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