The thickness of the plate (4mm)

A set includes

Roll Center Adjustor plate L1  x2

Special bolt   x4


<Plate material>

Forged aluminum 6061 with blue anodized surface

“J’S RACING” logo is engraved by laser.



  • This product is designed for the camber joint S1 only.
  • It is not compatible with the camber joint S2 or other manufacturers products.
  • Please use the proper tightening torque.
  • The alignment and ride height are to be checked and adjusted after the installation of this product.
  • A periodic inspection of bolt and nuts are strongly recommended. Especially when driving on a race track, inspect and tighten the bolt if necessary.


Shipping is about 60-90 days

J'S RACING S2000 Roll Center Adjuster Plate L1 4mm


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