If you're looking for a stylish Quick Release Steering Wheel set up, but also have function and weight savings on your mind? Well, you have just found the shortest, easiest-to-use, racing hub adapter in the market. While they perform just as well as our normal Short Hubs, the race hub is more compact. In most cases, we have removed over an inch to the height of the hub by removing the horn attachments, along with the steering wheel mating surface, and opting for a Quick Release style attachment. This means that you MUST have an NRG Quick Release attached to your steering wheel in order to mount it on the Race Hub. (There is no 6 hole pattern on the Race Hub)


  • Up to 1" shorter overall
  • ~Half the weight of our Short Hub in most cases
  • Affordable option

NRG Race Short Hub - Honda SRK-RL120H

  • Car Hub Compatibility:
    87-90 : Toyota Camry
    82-93 : Toyota Celica
    84-00 : Toyota Corolla
    83-92 : Toyota Cressida
    89-96 : Toyota 4-Runner
    92-97 : Toyota Paseo
    87-96 : Toyota Pickup
    91-96 : Toyota Land Cruiser
    90-93 : Toyota MR-2
      (All)  : Toyota MR-S
    94-98 : Toyota Supra
    95-04 : Toyota Tacoma
    90-98 : Toyota Tercel
      (All)  : Toyota Yaris
      (All)  : Scion XA | XB | XD | Tc
    2012+: Scion FR-S
    2012+: Subaru BR-Z
    2001+: Toyota Camry | Corolla
    2005+: Toyota Tacoma
    2006+: Toyota FJ Cruiser 
      (All)  : Toyota Matrix
    2006+: Toyota FJ Cruiser
    2000+: Toyota Tundra
    2005+: Lexus GS
      (All)  : Lexus IS
    2001+: Lexus LS
    2015+: Subaru WRX STI 

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