-For Nissan RB26DETT 

We have designed this sequential transmission to specifically fit the engine characteristics of Nissan's RB26DETT engine to allow it to perform to its maximum potential. To withstand the incredible punishment a race tuned RB26DETT is capable of delivering to the drivetrain, we engineered and manufactured a reinforced transmission case made from high-quality forged materials. By optimizing gear size and settings, we have increased the gear axis distance to 88mm, resulting in a 6-speed sequential transmission capable of withstanding up to 1500 horsepower. In addition, our unique dog link mechanism enables accurate shift changes, as well as provides a positive shift feel. Each unit is hand made and thoroughly examined to our exacting standards prior to shipment to ensure the highest quality.

The OS88 is comprised of synchro-less helical cut gears and is the perfect complement for a tuned RB26DETT motor. It can be ordered with 4 different sets of gear ratios to suit almost any engine power profile and racing purpose. We also offer an assortment of optional parts to provide the ultimate solution for the serious racer. 



Gear Option
  • Optional Parts:
    Release Bearing Set
    Adjustable Fork Kit
    OS88 Exclusive Transmission Crossmember (allows extra 40mm of road clearance)
    Center Alignment Tool
    Direct Shift Lever Kit
    Heavyweight Shift Knob

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