Kics is proud to announce the release of an all new racing lug nut. It's called LEGGDURARACING. Derived from the Italian word "leggero" for light and "duralumin" for its materialcomposition, the LEGGDURA RACING lug nuts are made in Japan from forged A7075-T6Aluminum alloy. Weighing a mere 22 grams per lug nut, the 20 piece set (16+4 locks) is lessthan 0.25 pound per wheel corner compared to stock weight of 0.50 pound per corner. That’s a 50%total weight savings which can help increase the performance aspects of braking, cornering, andacceleration.

Colors (anodized) available:
Red, Black, Purple, Green, Blue, Bronze, Gunmetal

- 20 pieces set (16 lugs + 4 heptagon locks)
- 1 Key Adapter for 4 heptagon locks
- 22 grams per lug nut
- 35mm Length

Project Kics Leggdura Shell Type


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