By utilizing our engineering knowledge and proven manufacturing capabilities, our world-famous OS Giken RB30 engine begins as a brand new Nissan RB26DETT N1 block, which is then stroked and bored to achieve 2996cc of displacement. For competition use only, we also offer a higher performing OS-RB315 engine. With the supporting modifications and proper tuning, this motor is capable of reliably outputting over 1400hp!

Included in the RB30 kit:
- 1 cylinder block?
- 1 billet crankshaft?
- 6 billet-forged connecting rods?
- 7 crankshaft main bearings 
- 6 connecting rod bearings 
- 6 forged aluminum pistons 
- 1.3mm metal gasket (1.2mm, 1.4mm and 1.5mm gaskets available) 
- 1 timing belt 
- 1 belt tensioner kit 
- 14 custom made reinforced crank cap stud bolts and nuts 
- 3 M6 bolts



[RB315] - NISSAN SKYLINE GTR (R32/R33/R34) - RB31.5 OS-E2996


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