The 9090 titanium muffler developed exclusively for the R34 GT-R is equipped with a high-performance valve that achieves both noise reduction performance and exhaust efficiency. Two paths of 6060 / Φ80 (with valve) are provided in the main silencer, and the valve is automatically opened and closed in conjunction with ENG rotation, air flow signal, etc. When the valve is closed,  60 functions. When fully open, increases the exhaust efficiency. In this way, in the idling and low speed areas, the start of the early morning and the return to the middle of the night realize quietness of peace of mind. On the other hand, in the valve release according to the engine load, it exerts stress-free power feel & sound. Of course, you can also adjust any volume from the cockpit, so you can enjoy the sports muffler without hesitation.

RH9 R34 90 titanium muffler


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