Front surface   Plain weave Carbon FRP with clear gel coat finishes

Back surface    Plain weave Carbon FRP

The full carbon hood uses the plain weave carbon FRP in both front and back sides and achieves the excellent weight reduction and the superb quality.

This is a special hood released from us, who know all aspects of the S2000.


Since the start of sales for this hood, it is very popular item and we have sold more than 500 units.  Furthermore, the hood has been used by 8 racing teams on the “Super Taikyu” endurance race series with an excellent performance review.


In addition to providing the aero dynamic advantage, the newly designed V shaped ducts drastically improves the dissipation of heat and is very effective in lowering water temperature, oil temperature, and intake air temperature.


The carbon fiber clothes are attached exquisitely by our experienced craftsman for a state-of-the-art appearance


The unique double structure with the front side (plain weave wet carbon) and the back side (plain weave wet carbon) independently made secures the strength as solid as the stock hood.

The stock hood hooks are utilized, which eliminates the need of hood pins for the daily street driving.


The hood is also designed with the consideration of our Tsuchinoko Intake System or the Mugen Air Cleaner Kit.  There is no modification required to use the hood with those intake system.

Optional parts

Dedicated Inner Protect – highly recommended if the vehicle is stored outside


UV Cut Three Layer Clear Paint – recommended to the customers who would like to avoid the harmful effect of the ultraviolet rays and would like to keep the excellent shine for the very long time.


Shipping is about 60-90 days


S2000 Type V Full Carbon Hood

Optional Aluminum net
  • Compatible with the stock windshield washer nozzle

    Compatible with the stock hood hooks


    A proper installment is essential to prevent the possible fall off while driving.

    Please check the installment condition periodically.

    When the engine bay is extensively modified,  it may not be possible to install the optional Rain Protect.

    We strongly recommend a use of hood pins for racing situations.


    The specification might be changed without advance notices.

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