The RACE 2x2 is the same as the RACE 3x2 but with full 2" shoulder belts that are compatible with the HANS® device and other head and neck restraints. The upper section of the shoulder belt, where it passes over the head and neck restraint, is 2" fitting perfectly on the friction surface of your HANS® device. Standard 3" shoulder belts will work with HANS®, but the full 2" belts give you a better fit and allow you to optimize the installation angles behind the seat. There is no difference in the strength of the 2" webbing compared to the 3" webbing. Please inquire if you need SFI tags (USA Only).
Special order product.

Takata Race 2x2

    • FIA Approved 6-point racing belt
    • 2" HANS® specific shoulder belts, 2" Pull Down Lap belt
    • Central Camlock
    • Dual T-bar style anti-sub strap
    • Optional Bolt-in kits available for conversion

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