RAYS is proud to introduce the brand new TE37V SL 2016 Version!

The SL Spec has been added to the line up as the 2016 version of TE37V. Sizes are available from 15 to 17 inch including 16 inch, which is newly added in the line up for this limited edition TE37V SL. The pressed double black color, which is a favorable color of TE37SL, and the gold spoke sticker and rim sticker makes reference to the SL model.

The lightweight properties is also the reason why it is called SL. TE37V has a nostalgic design, however, it is designed with the latest analysis technology to achieve maximum weight savings. In addition, the TE37V SL achieved more weight savings by removing the additional mass to fit center caps; same as with TE37SL. In addition to the weight savings, the air valve has also been changed to a lightweight aluminum valve. The new air valve prepared for the TE37V SL has the same BR color as before, however, the material is different and a more lightweight option is selected.
The 5H-P

TE37SL 2016 Limited Edition

  • Pricing is per wheel. 

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