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Based on our GT spec engine. An individual throttle for each cylinder. Gives super response, and improvements through out the rev range to both power and torque. Pillow-ball ends are used in the throttle linkage for both accurate and precise throttle response.  Throttle Body size is 50mm, and the standard trumpet length is 88mm. 

TODA sports injection KIT improves engine response and power output, through the use of one throttle body per cylinder. Effective tuning per cylinder not compromised tuning with only one throttle body. Fine tuning of the injection system brings most of benefit in the lower to mid ranges of the power band especially & the top ranges as well.

Compared to an individual throttle : you also gain a smoother idling, when even you have to use large cams (management ECU is required).

Super response -- The improvement of the accelerator response is due to a reduction in volume of air within the manifold.
Increased power -- Each intake is the same length.
(Improvement in aspiration efficiency) -- Free flowing intake ports. Individual throttle bodies are individually smaller in volume but collectively larger in volume.  Airflow bench tested trumpet.
Bottom & mid range torque increase -- Reduces cylinder to cylinder breathing interference. This is due to the independent throttle bodies and more effective injector positioning.

TODA RACING Honda NSX Sports Injection Kit

Trumpet Length: Throttle Body/Air Trumpet

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