Turbocharger Kit Arms MX7655 RB26DETT

CNC Billet Compressor Wheel

Significant improvement over traditional compressor wheels.Machined froma erospace grade materials, these highly durable lightweight compressor wheels featuer thinner blades with a larger surface area for significantly improved airflow and turbo spool.

Multi Rate Billet Actuator

Large capacity, reinforced forged billet contruction. Includes a total of springs for fine boost adjustment. Swivel type nipple allows for greater freedom when routing hoses.

combine up to 3 springs to find the perfect set up.

6 springs included.

Bearing Type: Journal Bearing

Engine: RB26DETT

Make : Nissan

HP : 580

Tomei Turbocharger Kit Arms MX7655 - Nissan RB26DETT


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